Eric Nylund's Fall of Reach as canon

Anyone know just how much of the Fall of Reach will now be canon? Absolutely loved the book and am really excited to see 343 embracing the expanding universe as a part of the games.

You should really scope out other threads about this topic. It’s been discussed many times over the past month.

I would assume it is below Halo: Reach and the animated Fall of Reach.

Until 343 officially declare something to be not canon, the story stands. Although, if there is conflict between the animated version and the book version (which there appears to be, specifically the scene where Halsey informs the kids that they’ve just been conscripted), I’m not sure as to which version will stand. I’d lean towards the book, but at this point there doesn’t seem to be an official ‘weighting’ process. By weighting I mean that, in going from most official to least, game to encyclopedia to books to live action series, to animated series, to comics to forum posts (as one example). As in, if you see it in game (particularly scripted sequences), it is an absolute truth, whereas if you see it in a comic book, there is some ‘artistic interpretation’ possible.

Cannon comes down to general story, not details anymore