erased my milestone progress

i have been on waypoint since it released and today i got on and all my milestones were gone…has this happened to anyone else ?

it happened to me too

Yup. When I installed the newest version of Waypoint all my milestone progress was erased. Not to worry. I just put the various halo games in the disc tray and loaded the games (and played a campaign or too while I was at it, but I don’t think that is required). Then I went back into Waypoint and the milestone progress made for those games had returned. I’m sure it’ll smooth over and is just a bit glitchy at the moment.

The only achievements not being contributed toward my milestone progress are the Halo 4 ones. I’ve done a bunch of cheevos for H4 but it still shows me at milestone 75. Not sure how to fix that one but I’m sure it’ll be sorted out. I can imagine that Waypoint is getting hammered with traffic and new anomalies are arising. The wrinkles will get ironed out I’m sure.

Try my method and see if it works for you.

Having the same issue, tried putting the older halo games in as well but no luck. I noticed the new update does not scan like the old waypoint did. I also uninstalled and reinstalled still sane issue. Noticed this issue when my terminal unlocks from anniversary edition were not available.

yeah just tried it with halo 3 and odst didnt work…

> yeah just tried it with halo 3 and odst didnt work…

Did you try playing a few seconds of campaign and then going back to dashboard, loading up Waypoint (with the game disc still in the xbox)?

Worked for me. If that didn’t work for you, I’ve got nothing. Sorry man.

I still don’t know how to get Waypoint to recognize my H4 cheevos.

I went from 50 something to lvl 6 lol. I’m not too worried now that I see other people are having the same issue. I just noticed it today. Not sure when it happened.

I try to play ODST and 3, and nothing happened for me, all’s gone too…