Equipmet suggestions to help balance the playing field

Just a few bits of equipment for MP each one of these has a use to help balance the game or change the flow of a fight.


this is a max 1 item with a model similar to the halo CE med kits, when activated it will return the users health to full and their shield to half after an animation similar to the overshield. This can be used to survive a fire fight you normally wouldn’t or get out of a dangerous situation.

note: you can only have 1 of them at a time, and unlike the overshield which allows you to come into a fight fresh this one just allows you to get out and back in. This is more useful in a PvE mode (I hope we get one.) then in PvP but it still has value.

A.M.S drone

A small quad copter with a beam weapon attached to it, when deployed float just above spartan head level and shoot any grenades, fusion coils, or ballistic projectiles that come into its area. Has enough ammo to destroy 10 projectiles before self destructing.

note: will destroy all thrown items/grenades in range. So yes it can zap a power seed be warned. Doesn’t destroy allied rockets or hydra shots (for balance.)

Seeker Drone

BTB exclusive, the seeker drone is a power pick up, when grapped it gives you 4 of them, these will fly around and try to self destruct in the face of an enemy. This equipment is from spartan ops. While the drones them selves can not kill a spartan, they do electrical explosive damage, knocking out shields and preventing their recharge. as they can seek targets they can also be used to find targets, they prioritize air vehicles.

Med station

yeah I miss these from halo 3, these are a power version of the medkit, when deployed instantly regin shields and health of all allies around them. Using your spartan AI to direct who is healled prevents enemies from being healled by them.

Unlike the halo 3 version these are not timed but instead heal limited, only able to heal 5 spartans to full from almost dead.

This is a power pick up.


Another power pick up, this overclocks your AI for 30 seconds, adding heavy aim assist, increasing your radar range to 50m and giving you a improved accuracy.

While active you have a higher aim assist, better radar range, and faster movement speed.