Equipment/Weapon Changes

Would you like to see any adjustments made to the equipment or weapons in Halo 4?
Let me say before hand that I find the game to very well balanced for the most part. I just have a few details that bother me. Whether they bother you too is up to you. This thread is just to see if my opinions are shared by the community.

Personally I would like to see the thruster pack receive an update that allows player control to return much quicker after using a boost. Presently it’s useful when dodging vehicles but when fighting another player using the thrust only leaves you vulnerable to receive their fire while not being able to return any of your own.
Also, I hope that the Carbine receives a slight damage increase as presently it rarely matches a DMR or a BR when fighting another skilled player.
The plasma pistol is essentially useless against other players, though excellent against vehicles as we all know, and the storm rifle really doesn’t compare to the assault rifle. I’d like to see the storm rifle’s bloom effect be lowered so it’s accuracy is comparable to that of the assault rifle.
My last complaint would be there is no counter to the energy sword. Personally, I liked being able to block it with a melee in Reach, but there’s a fair chance that others prefer it the way it is in Halo 4.

Other than that I enjoy the game very much.

Share what you’d like.

I hate the storm rifles bloom too but it’s kill speed is faster than the AR, but slower than the Suppressor and its range is longer than the suppressor but shorter than the AR. Plus it doesn’t need to be reloaded.

I think it’s pretty balanced.