Equipment Improvement Ideas

Equipment in multiplayer is a little lack luster, but pretty good in the campaign. Here is some of my thoughts on how to improve them for multiplayer.

  1. Grappleshot - already its decent, but I think it would be a nice touch if it could do the basic melee move that you upgrade to in campaign, similar to ground pound in Halo 5.

  2. Dropshield - It will never be used as intended on multiplayer like campaign so I suggest faster deployment, and make it a physical barrier that players can’t walk through.

  3. Thruster - should work exactly like halo 5. Right now it stops abruptly, you don’t travel very far with it. It needs to feel smoother, more hang time or something.

  4. Repulsor - Good as is, maybe just a better animation when its activated or shorten time between use.

What changes would you like to see to existing equipment or what other equipment would you like to see?