Equipment Idea

I just had this idea about a piece of equipment. This isn’t really a suggestion to 343 but just some idea sharing.

You know how in the BTB gameplay demo they showed off, there was, as it was called internally, a “loot cave?” I feel like all that time hacking and the risk of losing all your progress even at the last second warrants quite a payoff for the effort. Enter the idea; the vehicle chip.

The vehicle chip would be, unless it be a pickup item like a flag or skull, a piece of equipment. Vehicle chips can be used to spawn vehicles, essentially. There’s three ways it could be done;

Call-down: You call down a pelican that would drop off the vehicle on the chip.
Terminal: You can redeem the token at a terminal to spawn it on a vehicle pad.
Spawn Pad: You can lay it down and it simply makes a temporary spawn pad, where you must protect the pad as it spawns in a vehicle.

Just curious if it’s just me that thinks this could be a cool idea.