Equipment idea: The Ladder

Pitch: Its a Forerunner/Promethean based equipment, essentially you can create a small platform where you are pointing (it should have a set distance I feel, for consistency/intuitiveness) and it can be used to get jump ups and stuff like that, the thing that makes this useful is that your team could utilize these platforms so it wouldn’t just help you but anyone (neutral, basically)

Depth: It would have some interesting uses, like you could use it to block shots (they are not indestructible, and disappear after 5-10 seconds max) use it slow down a vehicle, flag routes, etc. It doesn’t completely change the meta because it does what Repulsor does in a different way but I think the subtle differences is what would make it a great addition to the sandbox.

What do you guys think?

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Thinking about forerunner equipment. Being able to set up a one way teleporter for you team. With like 3 uses would be cool.

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so a grav lift from halo 3


that would be insanely overpowered, but fun I suppose.

No. Yes you can use it to jump to places (like you can with Repulsor/Grapple) but you can use it in many more ways.

I wish this sight would allow links or can upload images because I can’t picture what you’re describing. Sorry to say

You can already do something similar with the Repulsor. You can aim it down and give yourself a big vertical boost that let’s you get to just about anywhere.

It’s a nice idea, but kind of redundant.

you press equipment button, in front of you appears a small platform.

Need I say more?

Yes but there’s no teamwork element to it, not to mention that an enemy could (on paper) also use these platforms. I think the strength of Repulsor/Grapple is that they are so diverse in how you can use them, so I didn’t want to come up with an ability that’s a one trick pony.

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Yes because “I cant picture it”
Is it like a floating platform?
Is it made of hardlight?
Is it a ramp?
Ladder is putting me off and all I can picture is a hardlight actual ladder 🪜

Repulsor already exists and is a lot of fun to use.

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yeah. Does not move though. I suppose they could code it to where it can be moved via Repulsor (so maybe you could do some weird custom games stuff idk) but by itself stays where it was created.

It could be. I think if it looked/appeared more Forerunner it would make more sense though (as Prometheans are not in the game) but regardless.

Nope. Just a flat little square/circle that you and buddies can jump on.

The name “the ladder” is meant to represent how it is used and not so much in terms of how it appears, if you wanna come up with a better name I’m all ears.

how about just a jetpack? that would work, right?

Jetpack would be weird with equipment system, but I am obviously not opposed to it returning for BTB/customs.

Jetpack wouldn’t be as good because it wouldn’t have as much depth, jetpack would have one purpose alone so I don’t think it would be as positive for the game.

My idea could probably fit into competitive settings, I didn’t want to just come up with an equipment item that was insanely OP because then it could never be used for Ranked for example.

or we could just increase the range on the grappleshot… I think it needs a little bit more range.

I don’t agree with that. Its already pretty nuts in terms of Hijacking. Grapple is in goldilocks zone as far as I’m concerned.

My idea doesn’t replace/remove anything, you could use it in combination with grapple/repulsor (not at once obviously) so you could create a platform in front of you, then a teammate could grapple onto it, that sort of thing.

Its not as -Yoink!- as Grav lift was, but more versatile/useful.

Jetpacks break map flow, so plz no.

Makes me think of the Unreal Tournament Translocator. You launch a disc and wherever it is when you click secondary fire, you are teleported. Gimme that, please.