Equipment and Gadgets

Hoping to see equipment like Halo 3 back to Halo 4 but now also Gadgets. Equipment are good for puzzle games and infection plus just regular games. However there will still be Armor Abilities. Gadgets would include ammo boxes, turrets, mines (that are not see easily able to identify with the stupid blinking dot), airstrikes, health packs, etc. Plus gadgets can be picked up. Just thought these features would be pretty cool for firefight and customs.

any thoughts?

I dunno about airstrikes, but they should make a target locater a weapon. Imagine grabbing one of those in multiplayer, for BTB or forge use of course.

Sounds like killstreaks to me. I hate to say this, as Halo 4 needs new features to actually be a sequel, but that’s just copying CoD and it’s not Halo.

But I do feel that mines are a step too far, one of my favorite things about Halo is that you have to actively and directly participate in every kill you get, don’t take that away.

Don’t make it worse than Reach please. The game needs simple game mechanics and not killstreaks or AA’s.

I had no thought for CoD as I hate that game but these would give a new flavor for people who want this in custom games and forge

i agree

No. Should definetly have something for the LB button (Halo 3 had equipment and Reach had AAs). I would like something new, or that you could play as an ODST and Spartan III/II. ODSTs have the VISR and Spartans have something else.