Equestria Gaming is Recruiting

Today I am searching for bronies and pegasisters to hoof it out with on the various game modes in Halo 5 such as, Big Team Battle, Infection, CTF, and Grifball, though the main focus will be on Warzone and Warzone FireFight. I need every able body to assist me in these modes but I also must ask that you all abide by my rules with this rule as an exception: MUST HAVE NAMES SUCH AS ARCLIGHT DASH MLP. You are NOT REQUIRED to follow that rule, as it is only optional but the other rules on the Equestria Gaming MLP herd page must be followed. If you are in need of completing a certain REQ Challenge, feel free to ask for help. OH! I’ll also participate in Custom Games as well, I did make for having fun after all. I know how lonely XBOX can get so It’s better to have somepony to play with instead of dreading every passing moment alone. Message me if you want to join and be sure to click on that “Apply Now” button on the herd page before you message me directly. I hope you will apply soon. See ya !