Episodic campaign expansion/missons

Would you like a Spartan Ops esq campaign expansion where you play as your custom Spartan and assist Master Chief in missions that either further Halo Infinite story or create a side story. Of course would be best if it had multiple player Spartans and matchmaking. Maybe it can begin with your Spartan and some fleet of UNSC arriving to the ring and launching an attack on the banished and eventually drop podding down to the ring and linking up with Chief.

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This is pretty much what I signed up for with Halo infinite. Of course I didn’t get that instead I got multiplayer which I can get anywhere. Multiplayer is a hate creator while coop is a team builder. My patience for the obvious from 343 is dwindling rapidly.

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That’s pretty much what I expected when I got the game as well.

It needs to come this winter, or early next year at the latest, or this series is gonna be totally 100% dead.