Episode Of Legend Challange

Is anyone else having a problem where they completed the Weekly Challange for the Spartan Ops called Episode of Legend, which amounts to completing the five missions on Legendary and then not recieving the experience for it, or not having it show as completed even though on another screen it planly shows that you completed all five missions on legendary?

This is happening to many people.

yea i didn’t get the challenge but beat all chapters solo legendary :frowning:

I got both the Challenge and Achievement. Its hard, died about 10 to 12 times, but I completely it. My advice to you and to others if they see this. Start finding Camping spots, because both these Storm Covies and Promies will be constantly moving and not sitting in one spot for a whole minute like in Reach.

Oh I completed all five of the missions legendary, it’s not that difficult if you use a little common sense on picking cover and making the things come to you with tease fire. I just didnt get credit for the challange is all and didn’t get the 3000 bonus XP. I didn’t know if its a glitch that was unique to me, or if it was something that was happening to everyone.

Heh, I was wondering if this happened to anyone else. Me and a friend/roommate did this last night and neither of us got the credits or a ‘completed’ for it. Here’s hoping it gets fixed and everyone can get their bonus.

me and my mate are also having this problem, what da hell 343?

A friend and I beat them on legendary and we got nothing for it.

If you beat them on legendary it may happen if the last one is the core but to get it you will just need to beat one more level of them on legendary and it shoud give you the 3000xp