Episode !0 was an improvement

I really liked the gameplay of the first three chapters. A fleet of enemy ships converging on us on top, using the jetpack to board the ship, getting deeper inside the harvester, activating it, and lastly escaping in Mongooses after boarding the ship. The Mongoose getaway reminded me of escaping from the Didact’s trap in the campaign in a ghost. The 4th chapter was a drag, it took forever. 5 chapter was meh, but it was necessary in order to finish the series and save Infinity. Episode 9 got a little stale, I’m glad Chapter 10 was more entertainment. The ending was awesome, I hope 343 can explain how Hasley got her arms cut off, either by energy sword amputation to save her from the gun wound or simply as punishment for giving away the key.

What episode was 0?

Haha, on chapter 3 i drove a warthog with 2 spartan NPC’s through the entire lich then got the top and drove off of it.Was indeed epic.

Halsey getting her arm cut off would not help the wound considering it was in the shoulder near the chest.My guess is that her arm was cut off for her betrayal by giving the other half to the UNSC.Speculation of course, but seems like the most likely reason.

At any rate, episode 10 was indeed a improvement.I Lol’d so hard when lasky asked what was whatever roland was talking about.

Lasky:“What is that supposed to be”

Too funny.

Roland was Spartan Op’s saving grace.