Epic Gaming (Competitive Gaming Community)

What Is Epic Gaming?

Epic Gaming is a competitive gaming community covering multiple games across every gaming platform. However, our operations are somewhat different than most other clans currently out there. We weren’t built in a day, the development of our site Epic-HQ.net, the development of procedures, the foundation on which our Community stands, has taken nearly 3 months to create.

And we aren’t your typical military structured clan either. While we do have ranks, we do have positions, and our Chain of Command is enforced, we also incorporate a voting system, but unlike a Command Council or a delegation, our members are the ones who vote. We like to get our members involved in the Community, to get their input on decisions that effect them in Epic Gaming, from day to day operation to who we let into our ranks, so be more than a number or a name on a roster, have your voice heard!

What Do You Mean By Competitive Gaming?

I have had my fair share of experience in gaming clans, being apart of them and leading them. This clan has been developed on those experiences. While some groups are able to cater to Casual gamers, Epic Gaming is not looking to cater to that sort of gaming as we define it. Epic Gaming defines Casual gaming as:

“A person able to play or be active via the website or game on a random basis, is not able to commit to regularly scheduled matches for any reason, a person who is not going to be reliable and does not have a steady gaming schedule.”

Epic Gaming is a competitive gaming community, our focus is building Teams that can communicate effectively, act independently, adapt to changing situations, and dominate everyone on the battlefield. Our goal is to have Teams that compete on a regular basis throughout many differing clan battle systems (FraggedNation, GameBattles, etc).
Many clans have only “elite” teams which play matches, in Epic Gaming every Team is expected to compete at some level, we don’t expect everyone to be pro’s but we want everyone to have the chance to play competitively.
Does this mean, if you join Epic Gaming you have to play in matches? The answer is NO, you don’t, it just means that is our focus, that is what we do, we prepare and play matches.

What Do I Have To Do To Join Epic Gaming?

First you need to know that every Recruit in Epic Gaming is required to complete a 30 Day Recruit Evaluation (This is being waived for the next 30 Days), the Evaluation is designed not to evaluate a players skill, but their character, how well they assimilate into our Community. In Epic Gaming its “quality of quantity”, we want people who will bring something to the Community, who will accept us as family, we aren’t looking for clan hoppers, or immature people.

Beyond that our basic requirements for join are as follows:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a working microphone
Able to access our website regularly
Able to attend practices on a regular basis
Willing and able to take orders
Willing and able to learn map call outs

If you can meet those requirements then you can apply to join our Ranks!

Leadership Positions Available!

Epic Gaming supports a multitude of games, and we have support for Teams from around the world! And we are in dyer need of good people to lead! And now is the perfect time to do it, now is the time to take advantage of our maiden launch to get into a good staff position, to help us set the foundation for players to come!
If you have the leadership potential, the drive, and the willingness to work hard, then we want to talk to you! The time to join Epic Gaming is now! Do not hesitate, before this offer expires, become part of the Epic Gaming Community, and Gaming history!

Contact Details

I thank you for reading this post and we look forward to hearing from you, if anyone has any additional questions pertaining to Epic Gaming at any level please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our website Epic-HQ.net, there you can find out more about our organization, other games we support, and much, much more.

Our website Epic-HQ.net
Our Rules and Regulations
Our Ranks and Positions
Our Member Application

Again, thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you, either on our site or on the battlefield. Until then…

“Be More…Be Epic!”

Founder & Commander
Epic Gaming

You’ve got the objective, you are three maybe four strides away from landing it and winning the game! Good news one, of your team mates is covering your six, you definitely got this game in the bag. But wait, whats he doing? Is that a…Son of a #*%&! He just killed you so he could grab the objective, so he could score it, oh great now his dumb @## got himself killed and you’re now on your way to losing this game…AGAIN!

Doesn’t sound like any games you’ve played? You’re lucky, very lucky, but for the rest of us this is a very real, very frustrating, and unfortunately very common occurrence in video games these days. Be it being killed over a specific vehicle, a weapon, or for no reason whatsoever and then to watch as the person needlessly squanders or loses the device. If its not inept players out for themselves or with out a clue, then somebody is Team killing you all evening long.

So, whats the defense against something like this? Well you could not play ever again, that might help lol, or you could make it so all of your frustration is taken out on who its supposed to be, the other Team! So, how do you do that? Join a team, and why not join one which is more than a clan, but a Community, a group there to look after each other, watch each other’s backs. To join a Community where you are more than a number or a name on a roster, where your input, your suggestions, are actually listened to and valued. Where you have a real opportunity to move up in the organization, where your loyalty and dedication have meaning, are recognized and rewarded!

Sounds to good to be true? Well, it might be…

You need to know and understand that we at Epic Gaming are different than other gaming Communities, how we operate, from the ground up is nothing like any other group out there today. We make you work for your rank, we aren’t throwing it around like candy, you want rank, you want prestige? Well you better be prepared to show us you are willing to work for it.

We are competitive, we live for matches, does this mean we want to play MLG game variants all day long? Well, some of us may, but no that isn’t what it means, we value all sorts of competition, be it MLG, FraggedNation, or just clan vs clan on normal matchmaking settings. We have Teams for a reason, to compete against other Teams.
And no, we don’t segregate, we don’t have a Dream Team, don’t be mistaken we do award Teams who show a particular nack for wiping the floor with opponents, but everyone regardless of skill or rank will get opportunities to play in matches. If you want to play in matches then you will, simple as that!

So, you aren’t so good at the game maybe? Think we may be a little on the stricter side, just worried about winning, take the game to serious? Well, sure we want to win, we want to win every time we virtually step out onto that battlefield. But lets face it, everyone wants to win, who wants to lose? And yes, at times we may take it to serious, but that isn’t our intention. And for those with “questionable” skills? You wont get better if you don’t play. And we want our Teams to play as often as they can, build that team dynamic, learn peoples weak and strong points, use them to dominate the enemy!

So, if you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level. If you are ready to join the funnest, most serious group of jokers out there, if you are finally ready to be more than just a gamer and be something more…Be Epic, then join Epic Gaming NOW!

Visit our website at Epic-HQ.net

2 Things I want to cover in this weeks recruitment update.

  1. If there are any Teams out there they are struggling, don’t have a website, are fighting to keep afloat, need some additional structure, or whatever. Epic Gaming would be more than happy to accept “mergers” with other groups.

What I can offer groups looking to merge (this is a limited time offer).

Comparable leadership positions and rank (once you have completed a mandatory indoctrination program), meaning if you have a group of 4 or 5 guys, we can make you a Team Leader.
If you are interested in another position we can certainly discuss that.

Epic Gaming has a professionally designed website and a rock solid foundation on which we were created.

So if you are having some troubles, now is a great time to look into Epic Gaming’s merger program.

  1. We have had a pretty low turn out for Recruits in Epic Gaming, specifically those who show leadership potential, which has dragged our Halo Task Force down. We are making a new effort to try and get things back on track and get Halo where it should be.

Now is the perfect time to join Epic Gaming, while we are still new and ironing out the kinks, there is plenty of leadership positions available.

If you are interested or would like to know more about Epic Gaming, visit our website at Epic-HQ.net