If the link does not work tell me. But in the background behind the xbox logo…it looks like EOD. And above that orbital. Looks nice :wink:

Link doesn’t work.

That’s also not an official site, so I don’t see why any Halo 4 references on it matter. :\

The link doesn’t work. But it’s already obvious that EOD will be in Halo 4.

What reason would they have for scrapping these helmets and making customisation worse?

@David. I know that…its a community forum…I will try posting a link to the thread…

Oh, I see. I thought you were linking to something that that website made, or something.

Anyway, we can see the thread, but we won’t be able to see the attached image without registering there. Could you perhaps upload the picture to some other site, like Photobucket, and then post a link to that here?

Before you do that, though, I should warn you that posting leaked content is against the rules here. So if the image is leaked, you may want to reconsider discussing it here. :\

Ugh. I wish I could but I am on my phone in a car. If someone could register I assure you that forum is just as awesome as this one.

Can’t see it, like David said you’ll have to upload it elsewhere for us.

Even if it is leaked, could you possibly PM me the picture? I’m quite intrigued.

Actually, I may have found it.
That does indeed look like an EOD helmet, good find.

> That does indeed look like an EOD helmet, good find.

Thanks dude… My phone is too slow to do this stuff.

Nice find man!

Cool, the star wars helmet has returned.

That’s the first H4 helmet I’ve seen that I don’t think looks dumb. I used EOD in H3, maybe I’ll be using it in H4.
Great find, thanks for sharing!

No problem! Glad to share info with you guys.

I certainly hope that’s EOD. It’s been my favorite helmet in both Halo 3 and Reach. Hopefully i’ll be able to keep using it in Halo 4.

> Cool, the star wars helmet has returned.

Now our Storm Troopers can have all of their armor and Vader won’t find 343i’s lack of faith disturbing.