Entrenched is So BAD

I can’t even force myself to finish matches, I just want to gouge my eyes out every time.

I think I’ve finished 1 out of 8 tonight. It’s AR starts, which automatically makes it terrible. The people that play it are annoying af, and because of the SBMM being so weirdly tight in these event playlists, its fulll of both the extremely sweaty and mentally deranged. People crouching around in the middle of nowhere while their teammates die, people using macros to shoot the sidekick like an SMG, people 4 stacking with their ranked bros trying to farm randoms, everything that makes you want to delete the game.

Why was it purposefully designed to be bad?


It’s because it’s Event week, so everyone is tryharding their challenges.


Its the worst possible experience I think this game is capable of outside of rumble pit

Meh, the mode is decent. Not great, by any means. But I find every mode, even the goofy party stuff like Fiesta becomes super sweaty during event days. Been getting some aweful matchups lately. Fiesta’s been pretty chill since Tenrai ended for instance.

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My only problem is I already beat Entrenched, so what’s the point of playing this event again? Entrenched comes back again October 25th too , was it really that hard to create another random non-canon Fractures event or at least add something new or interesting?


OR, make it BR starts so its not the most tragic and unplayable garbage imaginable

I swear every time I get Behemoth I’m just quitting right away, I’m not putting up with people farming in vehicles in a 4v4

Land Grab shouldn’t be on symmetical maps anyway. Aquarius is the only one that kind of works and the big maps (Behemoth and Launch Site) are decided by where you spawn. If you spawn far away, the zone is just lost.

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That’s not how you spell quick play

It’s the worst event ever. So boring, and it involves the sweatiest modes like land grab and king of the hill. Odd ball is way more fun.

The challenges system is pathetic and bland, and the rewards are nowhere to be found. The graphics team consists of elitists, and the map designers are also suffering from arrogance. 343 cannot be saved. It’s over.

Have you ever heard the term Beautiful Garbage?

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Challenges have basically ruined every game mode.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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juat the way they made events and the stupid xp system is bad. i dont understand why they have to drag it on for months, why only let us level up for just one week every month for six months? and then they limit how much we can level up! why is it like this? it’s so weird, just make it like a free battle pass with out this stupid schedule and limit bs.

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