Entertainment Value

I’ve got about 5 days of playtime put into this game, or 120 hours. I paid 60 bucks for it. That equates to 50 cents per HOUR of play. No other form of entertainment comes close to offering that value. A movie is 10 bucks for 2 or 3 hours of fun. I’m sure there’s a ton of players with even more time. Whether you like the game or not, you’ve got to appreciate the value it delivers if you’re still playing it.

The games that ive played the most have been f2p games. Ive got 2 with over 1k hours. Take that for value for your money

Go to your local thrift store and buy a book for a quarter.

I think Halo 5 is fun, but time played is not exactly a way to judge content. I spent hundreds of hours in Destiny, and I regret most of it being some of the most boring gaming in my life. Quality and quantity of content is far more important than time played. Time played can be accumulated through frustration. For example, players in destiny grinded boring content to get to the Raid or get Exotic weapons for multiplayer. You could say some players grind Halo 5 to get the Halo 2 BR and Ultra Rare REQs, but are not having fun along the way. I am not saying this is the case, but it’s just a possibility. Time played =/= value.

If we want to judge the games value from playtime, go look at the old halos. I played about 40k games of halo 3. Average games were about 8 minutes so thats about 222 days for 60 dollars. 88 hours per dollar. sounds great yet 343 threw old gameplay down the toilet and people are still wanting it to come back.

Best part about the time I played was I actually had fun while doing it

If you’re not having fun, why continue playing? I don’t understand why players continue playing if they are genuinely not enjoying themselves. A book for a quarter is not nearly as fun and you know it.