Entered Requiem Glyphs in Wrong Order

Apparently, you have to enter the oni code into the classifieds before the raider codes? I did not do this but rather entered oni third, and Waypoint locked up. Now, I can’t open Waypoint and it says the code has already been used, although it failed to give me the helmet. Has anyone else experienced this, and what do I do in this case?

I did it with putting Oni in last… it didn’t lock up but I only have the Torso and shoulders :frowning:

just out of interest, what’s the code for the Helmet?

Oni is the section 3 unlock for the Oni emblem, 5000 xp, and concept art. Not for a helmet. You know this right? Check section 3 archive in your waypoint next to requiem archive.

Well, regardless of the reward, I was not given anything. Is there any workaround to this bug? I finished Spartan Ops episode one so that shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just that apparently I entered the codes in the wrong order.

If I am incorrect, then which code unlocks the helmet?

I used this video for reference. I’m not cheating because I did complete Spartan Ops. I’m just not smart enough to figure out the glyphs on my own.

CMNeir says that you must enter the ONI code first. I forgot to follow the video’s instructions and entered them left-to-right. I would hope that it is a bug that prevents the code from working, and not an intentional “well, guess you’re screwed then!”

HELMET CODE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLMW_UijLvA

My problem is your problem plus it says the Cryptum code is invalid.