Enter how many points you get at the end of each ranked

Hi spartans,
since halo 5 I noticed, in my opinion, that something was missing in the end game stats in ranked arenas. Know how many points you get or lose! We all know that the onyx rank starts from 1500 so it is easy to deduce that each rank (bronze 1, bronze 2, […], diamond 1, diamond 2, etc.) is made up of 50 points; we have a very nice indicative bar but it often confused me.
My idea is to introduce a small item in the statistics menu that can tell us how much a defeat or a win game really affects the progress of our rank.

after a win +5 points in Diamond 5 (1400-1450) 1427
after a lose -3 points in Daimont 5 (1400-1450) 1424
I’m waiting for your feedback and if it’s not clear I’m ready to try to deepen this idea of mine

CY on Halo

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