Enough with the ranked challenges already

I don’t mind playing Ranked once in a while, but I don’t want to be forced to play ranked to progress my customization. I had, I think, four challenges to either win a SPECIFIC ranked gametype (and you can’t select those), win ranked games, or to play a bunch of ranked. I just wanna play Social and progress my pass. Please get these out of rotation.

Edit: Also, my capstone was to win five ranked games. So that’s five ranked-specific challenges.


Yea win 5 ranked games at the end is bs. My win rate is like 30%. 2-11 in last 13. When I check halo tracker the opposing team is always expected to win, never my team, what is wrong with this system. I feel like I have to play perfect for my team to have a shot at winning, lord knows that can’t be true for everyone in a 4v4. Game is terrible at placing people into the right rank - anyone can have a bad game - but there’s A LOT of BAD diamond players.

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I must be on the opposing team, I tend to win more ranked matches than I lose. I suspect that to even it here soon when I settle into an appropriate rank.

The frequency of ranked challenges was amped this week for the tournament. Check the blog from last Tuesday. I imagine/hope that is readjusted this week.

Like if each ranked challenge came with a free pop up advertisement for HCS and the challenge unlock was an HCS logo rather than two elongated Squidward eyes, it would’ve made a ton of contextual sense.

Truth be told, I don’t read the blog. If there’s one thing 343 doesn’t excel at it’s outreach. I’ve been reading Bungie’s weekly update every week since 2006, even if I didn’t have a Halo game to play or the console to play it on. So when 343 posts something and makes a change around that post due to upcoming tournaments, I don’t know what’s going on. Granted this is my fault for not reading, but I see no use in reading the blog, give me some incentive like Bungie does. Make the blogs pop and dazzle. Spice it up a little.

At the end of the day, forced Ranked challenges (no matter the context) are an absolutely terrible idea that disrupts the flow of the quintessential competitive game mode for players who are in it for wins, not casual unlocks.

I don’t really have a problem with the ranked challenges, the fact that challenge swaps just gave you a different ranked challenge is where the problem is (my opinion).

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i didn’t want to be ranked becuase ranked to me is boring I can do fine with the BR but when EVERYone starts with the BR then i have issues because now i have to worry about that ANd all the other weapons…