Enough with the BTS stuff...

As much as I enjoyed playing and finishing Spartan Ops, these behind the scenes (BTS) excerpts from the authors do not at all add to my once positive feelings about the story.

After finishing Spartan Ops I was completely happy with the ending and excited about the introduced possibilities. Sure I was sad Requiem crashed into the sun, but I consoled myself by remembering the Janus key would likely lead to other worlds we could explore. I was sad (for Halsey) that she got her arm chopped off and excited to see her playing along with Jul M’dama (My thoughts are she offered her services to Jul in the interest of self-preservation and will, when given the opportunity, reunite with the UNSC).

And then I learned that the decision to drive Requiem into the sun was made because…

> We couldn’t figure out how the story ended. Room full of smart people, all with storytelling skills and the resumes to prove it, and we could not tie a bow on this story in the outline stage. Then Frank O’Connor says, “Maybe Jul just drives Requiem into the sun.” And we all laughed, because that was so wonderfully absurd. A half hour later we still didn’t have an idea of how the Requiem adventure ended. Eventually we let Jul drive Requiem into the sun because, come on. That’s pretty awesome, throwing planets into suns.

The decision to drive Requiem into the sun went from “absurd” to “pretty awesome” in the span of a half hour?!?!?!?

And then there’s Halsey’s arm…

> Poor Catherine Halsey. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a monster. A war criminal. A woman who kidnapped and killed children because she thought the ends justified the means. But then we come along and chop off her arm simply because we wanted a spot of ambiguity in her final line. In the original draft, she was shot, but in one piece. Jul asked her what she wanted, she said, “Revenge” and everyone knew she meant on Palmer and the crew of Infinity. But we didn’t want that. Halsey is a woman who is always saying two things at once. To end on a note from her that was so clearly defined just felt wrong.
> So I chopped off her arm. Now she glances at her shoulder before answering Jul’s question and you have to ask: Who does she want revenge on? Palmer? Jul? Everyone?

“So I chopped off her arm”…“So I chopped off her arm?”…“SO I CHOPPED OFF HER ARM!!!”

I always thought in story telling you were supposed to start with the ENDING you want.

For me, the biggest thing I HATE to see is how seemingly little time/effort has gone into planning HUGE aspects of the story. I liked it better when I could see the story of Halo as never-changing, as in that was always supposed to happen. Not, “oh we started with one ending, but it wasn’t awesome enough so we changed it at the last second…”

So PLEASE 343i, enough with the BTS on the story, I want to feel again as if Halo’s future was always meant to happen the way it will. If you make last minute changes to major aspects of the story because they’re not “awesome enough” (which, I sincerely hope you don’t by the way), I don’t want to hear about it, “ignorance is bliss.”


> Sure I was sad Requiem crashed into the sun, but I consoled myself by remembering the Janus key would likely lead to other worlds we could explore.

Its a star!! Not the sun, for pete sakes people. This didnt happen in the Milky Way!! Gosh… :wink:

Yeah…cant wait for Spartan ops season 2! If Hasley does rejoin the UNSC than she should have a robotic arm like in Halo Reach.

Never look too closely at space fantasy sausage innards.