Enough is enough.

This forum is driving me insane. The only topics I see are complaints about the game.
Naturally this doesn’t bother me, but it’s make or break now.
We’re a 2 months in this Sunday, and all you people want to do is tear down 343i for their “uselessness” or what have you.

This is where I draw the line. I’m not complaining about the complainers, I am asking you to just stop talking. Stop making a big deal out of this.

They will NOT take away ordinances!
They will NOT give you custom game options!
They will NOT take away the DMR!
They will NOT disable sprint!

Who are you to think that you get to decide how this game is put together? Because you’re “the community”? Or maybe “the true fans”?

Here’s some “true” fans for you:
BELIEBERS AND DIRECTIONERS for yoinks sake! And what do little 12 year old Beliebers do? They stick with their idols through thick and thin! They don’t give up after a few mistakes or changes. They accept them, and find a way to cope. (And no I’m not a belieber or a directioner!)

I absolutely LOVE Halo and the universe that revolves around it. From the first time I played CE, my dreams came true. I was able to travel through space and fight an alien invasion using futuristic guns, armors, and vehicles. I could connect to the characters and feel remorse when they were killed. I feared what they feared. Master Chief’s courage was my courage; he couldn’t do it without me. I was Master Chief. I was the hero… And now you’re all ruining it for me by giving up on what we all love, and leaving.

And don’t you dare come and comment here, saying “but if YOU were a true Halo fan, you’d want it to go back to the way it was!”
WRONG. I expect NEW things when a NEW game comes out. Not the same WASHED UP GAMEPLAY of all the first 5 installments!
NEW maps.
NEW weapons.
NEW abilities.
You remind me of a nostalgic Yoda or something. “Go back to the old force, we should”. Instead of “Search your feelings, young skywalker, and bring the New Order to greatness”.

Well, you know what? I’m done here. I will try to stay off of these forums from now on. In my opinion, only the pathetic reside here. Some fans you are…