Enough Hate!

You guy have to be kidding me. People are hating so much on Halo 5. I understand you want the game to be like halo 3 or halo 2 guess what? I DO TOO. but im going to let you in on something that halo isnt coming back. You have to learn to adapt. Halo fans have always said “oh COD is the same thing every year” Halo changes "OMG THIS GAME SUCKS ITS NOT HALO 3 OR HALO 2 OR CE or what have you. Yes we love those games but you need to learn to adapt people think its a mess because of the movement changes but let me hit you with this Halo CE had EVEN STARTS Halo 2 had EVEN STARTS Halo 3 had EVEN STARTS Halo 5 Arena has EVEN STARTS. Also you coming on the forums or on Youtube or wherever and hating isn’t helping the Halo community if you want Halo to thrive stop hating if you hate the game dont play no on is forcing you to play. Now you “343 Guardians” dont think you are in the right because i see Halo 5 lovers posting things like “Haters dont like this game because they are bad” when 99% of the games i get into in Halo 5 im destroying kid so you must be bad too. Also hating on the haters and giving them a reaction is not helping. You have to ask yourself “Do I like Halo?” if the answer is yes then support give ideas to help the game. Dont say things like “Get rid of sprint” or “Stop BR starts” because things like that are here to stay say things like “The FFA spawns could use some tweaking they suck at the moment” or “Swat need more the a 2 second respawn delay” if you answer no to the question then don play Halo. Also dont come complain on the forums or where ever because you arent changing anything and you are waisting you time. Basically what im trying to say is quit argueing its not helping also dont hate on me i may like Halo 5 but i dont agree with hating on people who dislike it.
Thanks for reading ~ Litt1es