Enlist Today! Delta Company Recruiting!

Delta Company UNSC Infinity
Delta Company is a military-based / Halo lore based clan. We are seeking to recruit active and mature members of all ages, and backgrounds. Our unit conducts daily training and in order to be admitted as a member, you must successfully complete our entry process which includes a basic training. As you may expect, this training process can be difficult for some and not all will succeed. All that we ask is that you show up ready to learn and have a good attitude. We also maintain a standard uniform and emblem for all members. A list of our entry requirements can be found below:All members MUST:

  • Have an operational mic. - Get on Xbox regularly. - Be 13 years of age or older
    (Although our primary age group ranges from 16-21)We have several ways for you to contact any of our members once you decide to enlist with Delta Company. You may message any of the following members via Xbox live: CYPHER 012, Seeker 021, Commissar Darr, or XDigitalDeltaX. Alternatively, you may contact us via our Spartan Company, or our website, both of which are linked below:Spartan Company:
    Delta Company UNSCINF101

Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield Spartan.
-Cypher 012