Enjoying the flight

The multiplayer feels good. Anyone else enjoying the flight? I find myself trying to put down the controller but cant. Very addicting lol

I really enjoy it as well. My only critique is that it feels somewhat poorly optimized at this point. Plenty of time to work on that though!

Crashes on me with Nvidia GTX 970 Turbo. but that’s ok… It’s something I hope they fix… This is what testing is about.

It’s got a few bugs to get through still. But as a flight is really fun lol. I tried to melee a bot earlier and it glitched and flung my guy far over the target. They’re headed in the right direction. Makes me excited for the campaign. If the story is on point, it will make for a great halo title.

Been enjoying it a lot. So grateful to get to be part of the flight. Can’t wait for the game’s release. Was hoping for more armor customization, but seeing what it can be makes me happy. Going to be able to spend a lot time grinding when the game comes out. Looking forward to it and hopefully they have a open beta before the release.