Enjoyable (Please Read Upset Community!)

I don’t know about you guys but I am enjoying this game even with the issues it has. I believe we are still in a tech era where things like this will happen no matter what.

There are so many people in North America or the U.S. alone to also include the world…come on! Of course there are going to be issues like the ones that have come up! I love this nonetheless and it is going to only get better, like every Halo game in the past.

Thank you 343i for your hard work, seriously, you must be tired from the hate.

P.S.: Apologies if this is not very well written, I am tired as well.

Bump, I believe that people need to calm da fuuu down and realize the world isn’t perfect, yet!

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> Bump, I believe that people need to calm da fuuu down and realize the world isn’t perfect, yet!

I’ll bite, but I’ll keep it short.

It is not okay that games launch in a broken or unfinished state. We see two games launched yesterday, Halo: MCC and AC: Unity, and both are having so many issues. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

I really hope that this is not the standard for games to come. It seems that you accept that things launch while broken or not finished, but I won’t. I think I’m not alone in that, and most importantly I think that not accepting that is completely normal.

I understand 343 is working their -Yoink- off.
I understand they feel bad for all the issues and the frustration they’re causing.
I understand that things will be fixed.

But this started out wrong to begin with. A game should not be this broken at launch. I paid good money for this, I expect quality in return.

Some glitches, bugs: okay, we’re all humans here(, not Covenant).
This many problems after a day one patch: not acceptable.

Alamo 360, Good rebuttal! Compare this to other technology like cell phones or even OS’s. We’re on the edge of a tech break through so these issues will be gone or extremely irrelevant. But I understand your comments. Thanks for the reply, I truly believe the more positivity in the world the more of these things will not happen any more, almost like a karma belief.