Enjoy playing Halo in a relaxed group!

Since the day we were founded we have always been a Halo only group. As a Halo only group we are playing Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. If you need friendly people to play co-op with, look no further. We also help with skulls, terminals, and cheevos. We help you get them honestly, and we are understanding of those who aren’t awesome players.

Also, we have reinstated our European game night. It is held on Fridays at 22:00 GMT.

So if you want to play CEA co-op and get earn the skulls, terminals, and cheevos with friendly people who won’t give you a hard time, keep reading…

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Why endure the agony of playing with an ad-hoc team of randoms you may never play with again? Why force yourself to tolerate randoms spewing profanity in your ear, or screaming like toddlers if you go negative or don’t have a high enough K/D? Or worse, play with people that might try to convince you to cheat?

Now is the perfect time to join the friendliest group of Halo players around. We check our membership request queue throughout the day, so no one sits in it longer than 24 hours.

Now is the perfect time to become a member of Midland Base!

> We fully support Halo CE Anniversary and already have discussion forums for Halo 4 - 6. We will continue to be the TOTAL Halo experience!
> Offering 3 game nights a week we cater to all fans (Thursday game night is the CE Anniversary play lists!).
> We are a group, NOT a clan.
> -We do not require a change in armor perm, colors, emblem, call out, or gamer tag.
> -We do not require try-outs or a “boot camp”.
> -We do have a minimum forum participation requirement of 8 posts a month.
> -We have in group ranks and awards:Midland Base ranks and awards

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And remember, if Halo is your game don’t waste time with a multi-game, multi-platform group that has to divide its attention between different games and hardware technologies.

Come see what a Halo only group is like, come check us out.

Hey there,

Just wanted to say good luck! See ya in -game :smiley:

Thanks for the support!

Take it easy and have a happy new year!