Energy Sword Battles Should be Better

The Energy sword in Halo 4 looks like the one in Halo Reach, which is a good thing now that it is bigger and longer. But I believe it should function like it did in Halo 3 with a big lunge distance and EPIC SWORD BATTLES! In Reach, sword battles were terrible. The spartans could clash, but the one with the highest health would win, and thats not fair. I want sword battles in Halo 4 to be about patience and quick timing like in Halo 3 and also make the sword clashes more epic as well.


I don’t know how entertaining I would find it now, but 4 years ago static KotH on Gaurdian with sword starts was -Yoinking!- awesome.

<3 H3 Sword

the return of draw slashing would also be nice.

I want the Halo 4 sword to be similar to the Halo 3 sword (sword battles) and the Halo 2 sword (just plain awesome).

I agree with you OP, the sword used to be so good, so awesome, and yet not to good. It could kill and it had epic sword battles that could last for 13+ clashes both players still attacking, the good old days for sure ^^