Energy and gravity hammer challenge progression

For the 25 melee kills challenge i wasn’t getting progress from energy sword or gravity hammer kills please fix

I don’t think this issue is just related to these weapons. For example, I once had a challenge to get 5 BR kills, and I definitely got 5 in a single match, as I earned the Marksman medal and I hadn’t used any other precision weapons in the match, but it only counted 4 kills towards the challenge.

Now one issue that I think I’ve figured out for weapon challenges is that the killing blow must actually come from you with that weapon. For example, the game may show that you got a kill with the hammer, but if the actual cause of death was falling off the map, or friendly fire (Ranked), then the kill won’t count towards the challenge.

Pretty sure you’re meant to beat them down with your fists for a melee kills, not use a sword or hammer which would be weapon kills.