Enemy Types in Halo 4

Now we all know that we are going to get new enemies to fight in Halo 4, but what kinds of enemies do you think we will fight?

I don’t mean exactly what they are but in terms the enemy role. For example it would be hard to imagine a Halo game without some versatile/fully shielded enemy to form the backbone of opposing forces ala Elites and Brutes.

That said I don’t want all the enemies to conform to the covenant archtypes. I don’t really want to see weak cannon fodder enemies make up the bulk of foes(Grunts) or fairly static enemies wielding Hand held shields with one particular weak point(Jackals) or so on.

Other than the standard shielded enemies(Alien Trooper perhaps?) I want to see mostly totally unique enemies that where we have to learn a new way to take them down instead of just relying on our old skills.

Looking at other sources such as deleted material. Things like the tripod Special Purpose Sniper, Keelbug, Drinol, Stalker, etc. Things that are just different from what we are just to shake things up.

Anyone else think we should get some radically different enemies for the most part? Any ideas on what you hope to see?

EDIT: Also any deleted content from the series you would like to see included be it used with the new enemy,UNSC, or Covenant cameos. I personally would like to see the Gorgon from Halo Wars.

I want to see new flood forms pure or combat maybe this http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100402150360/halo/images/0/09/Grunt_flood.jpg

I know they can do it they can do anything in a video game
(just about) also maybe another different kind of sentinels

PS. I want flood spartans :slight_smile:

Id like to see flood kinds for ALL species in the game. Hey, maybe some flood fauna?
I agree with not wanting cannon fodder, I hope what ever we fight is powerful, fearsome, and formidable of a foe (though those characteristics typically form enemies people view as being annoying)

I hope the precursors are like the ceph from crysis :stuck_out_tongue: (if we fight them)

I want an enemy that when it sees you, does the Zoidberg crab shuffle while going “WOOOOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!”.