Enemy Objectives should be RED, not teamcolor

This has annoyed me since the game came out and I have not heard a word about changing this. Before Halo 4, enemy objectives were always RED, no matter if it was King of the Hill or CTF.

In Halo 4, they are colored according to the team. This is very confusing, especially in King of the Hill. If the blue team controls the hill, the red team sees the hill as the passive blue color. For the past ten years, this meant that the hill was not controlled by the enemy. It is simply disorienting. The same thing goes for CTF.

This is a simple UI design choice that makes no sense to me. RED in the HUD is supposed to be enemy, just like the aiming reticle, and just like the prior 10 years. It would be great to change this for the next game. I don’t expect this will ever be fixed for Halo 4.

Naw man, I like it the way it is.
I guess for all you rebels out there, it would be nice if there was an option for yous to disable it like it used to be though.
You know what would be kind of cool? If you could change your whole HUD according to whatever color you want, or maybe to your team color. So red team would get a red HUD. Of curse that would be cool for that choice!

I have never been confused by this…

Don’t see how you could be really.

In all the previous halos when it came to waypoints read was always bad, and blue was always good. So we’ve been programmed to understand it that way, and I feel your pain.

I’ve JIPd into CTF games with a flag carrier right in front of me with a big red arrow over his head. I go to kill the guy and then after chucking my grenades, I realize it’s my flag carrier and I’m supposed to be escorting him. Usually it’s not a problem for me though. I’m used to it now.

I prefer it this way actually. It takes some getting used to, but its not a bad feature by any means.

I completely agree, Queso Man. This still throws every so often, and I play this game a LOT! It’s trying to undo a system that’s been implanted in my head since Halo 1. I prefer being on the blue team solely for this reason. It bugs that crap out of me, and I really want to see this changed at some point

I agree completely. I’ve never needed to check the score list to see what team I’m on before.

What about in Multi Team?

I think the waypoint texts (“ESCORT” / “KILL”) were added in an attempt to avert this, but I can see how it would still be a problem for some. Color associations are a powerful thing.

I thought this was an issue with Reach, where objectives were red and that confused which team the objective belonged to…

I think it was stock pile that this issue lead to team coloring the objectives.

This is one of those things, that would be nice just to have an option for.

Nah, I do think it’s much better this way. I actually got confused sometimes in Reach because of that.

I agree, red means enemy, it’s annoying to be on red team and see a flag/ball/etc. carrier with a red indicator and think they’re the enemy. I’ve team killed grif tons of times in grifball because of this, bright orange guy running at me with red text = slam in the face with hammer.

I think it should be static red for enemy and blue for friendly, even in multiteam; I don’t care what color team has the objective, all that matters is friend or foe. Different colors are too distracting.

While I understand it has become a subconscious thing by now, it makes more sense to have team-colored objectives in the grand scheme of things. Besides, there is also the text indicator next to the objective itself if you have any further confusion.

I actually agree with you. Many a time I thought we controlled the odd ball when the damn waypoint was colored blue.

But…what if you’re red?

I’m a little OCD, so I think its incredibly stupid for held objectives to not match the team’s color. I’d match rather have objectives mirror team color.

All you have do to get around this problem is be able to read.

Agreed. I find it annoying.

> I prefer it this way actually. It takes some getting used to, but its not a bad feature by any means.

I disagree, I think it is a perfect example of a “bad feature” by all means. It took what had worked for a decade, and arbitrarily changed it. It does more bad than good. In the long run, what does it matter if you’re on red team or blue team? It just matters that red should be enemy, just like the red text that displays their name and the reticle that turns red when you aim at them.

I’ve never understood why everything else doesn’t change with your team color.
Why not have the hud, your teammates on radar, your armor, and your obj icons be your team color? It would make things a lot simpler.