Enemy Footsteps are too quiet or non existent

Multiple times I was killed last night and there was no indication that someone was behind me. Team footsteps are loud and clear but enemy sounds are almost non existent when they’re sprinting or behind you. It wasn’t just me who complained about it. A few teammates said the same thing that 9 out of 10 times they didn’t hear someone run up behind them… Anyone else have this problem? We are all using headsets.


Yeah the foot steps seem to be quiet and they do not appear on the radar sometimes.


I’m on PC and I hear absolutely zero enemy footsteps and even their gunshots are nearly muted. Teammates’ footsteps are louder than my own and confuse me half the time :confounded:. I dno if this is a soundcard issue because my brother and I both use DTSX with headphones and he hears their footsteps clearly and I hear nothing.

Ah I just read the pinned post. I’ll post it in the bugs/issues section. But just for future reference, this is where the Halo support site refers us to specifically for feedback.

Yes please add footsteps or make em louder whatever it is. Also it’s completely ridiculous that invisibility makes you SILENT. Especially frustrating in ranked matches with no motion tracker. I could understand a little quieter in grass/dirt, but when you have multi ton Spartans with metal boots sprinting silently on metal platforms it’s a little mind blowing.

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