Enemy AI

Dear 343 Industries,

This Halo: Infinite, like most new shooters, will suffer from weak Artificial Intelligence structures in enemy units and a lack of increased new experimental difficulty.

“Halo: Combat Evolved” promised a new experience and delivered a vast array of AI intelligence not seen in the video game industry. Continued advancements in AI were presented in Halo 2. Afterward, much of those advancements stopped with Halo 3. Afterward, Halo’s entire trajectory became multiplayer-focused and the campaign became the filler. Nowhere is this more apparent than your lack of writer’s integrity and follow-through with the character development of Fireteam Majestic & Crimson, and the plot hole residing in the Janus Key. Don’t tell me that needs to be viewed in another form of media. The introduction of Fireteam Osiris was premature. Furthermore, the Master Chiefs story will have nothing relevant to offer after the events of Halo 4 transpired. The Halo series will die should he continue to be used as you can’t make a name for yourself and will always be overshadowed by the greatness that was Bungie’s Halo.


It’s time you sent us to play as the Forerunners during their fight with the flood. My goodness, setting the player in the Arbiter’s skin during the Elite Civil War would five times more rewarding than playing a character who fulfilled his purpose.

No one would care about the look of Halo if you brought more gameplay mechanics into halo such as these:

Use dynamic weather systems in Halo to increase the experimental difficulty and replayability, fog, rain, snow, day & night.
Grunts and some Elites wear masks and I am tired of falling into a little water and dying. Introduce water-based skirmishes.
Jackals are accurate, agile, and can jump. Increase that ability by a few notches and we can have some stellar player vs NPC interactions.
Hunters are a collective of worms. Use that to increase their battle capability, slow players down. Get individual ones to reach for weapons on the ground and fire them.
Flying Brutes and Grunts make for some great fodder. They don’t have shields and fly only in one direction slowly. Drones are smaller than Brutes and have far more dexterity and agility in the air. They also come in large numbers. Now imagine the draw distance your new console can achieve. Imagine players seeing a hundred to two hundred of those things flying around to spot enemies. The player can play hide and seek or pick them off one by one slowly.
Why do shooters have to be just shooters? Introduce some stealth.

Finally, the preview showed us the Banished coordinating strategy like civilians. Allow better enemy collective combat.