As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the Spartan I Project has officially invaded Waypoint. :slight_smile:

Please allow myself to introduce…myself…

I’m oviate1, captain of Team Punishment, SIP’s Endure team. We’ve made a fine art out of taking one of Bungie’s most difficult achievements, flipping it over, and doing things that are illegal in 27 states! I’m currently ranked #1 on the Halocharts leader boards for total points in ODST Firefight, with 5 of my guys are in the top 20 and 3 more in the top 100. Trust me when I say we’re the best of the best, the craziest of the crazies, & absolute pros when it comes to Endure.

So without further delay, let’s set up our first Waypoint Endure run shall we?


  1. me
  2. Punisher

Hey look I found a new place to post stuff. I’ll help oviate…you seem like a great guy and SIP is a wonderful group.

9pm edt is 6pm (-7 MST) my time - dinner and kids! I’d love to do this at somepoint with you though!

I really want this achievement. Let me know when you are planning a run.