endless update

Hi Everyone 343 team,

Since the release of new DLC on 27th September, I can’t play the game online, because, when I start the game, I’m back to Xbox dashboard with the message of an update of 2.9 MB. The game goes all to download (44GB).
When it finished, I launch again the game, and again appear an update message of 2.9MB and It download again the full game for another 44 GB.
I downloaded the full game 4 times, and always there’s the 2.9MB update.
Please, Can you fix it?

P.S.: I have got the Ultimate Edition on Disc.

it seems to be an xbox problem as many others have a similar issue. some of us digital users tried uninstalling the game but it won’t let us reinstall. 343 says that microsoft might have a solution but we have to wait till the next console update sometime this month but microsoft never told us when it’s coming. there’s a topic you can follow so you know when it’s fixed.