Endless replace Flood? 😵

343 seriously screwed up with the awful story in H5 so they went back to Halo CE and tried to just copy/paste everything Bungie did. And guess what, it seems people are liking this.


Honestly. I really hope that the Endless are related to the precursors and are a threat in the sense that since they survived the Halos, if the Flood get to them, then the Flood become Halo immune as well. I really enjoyed Infinite’s story, but that line of the endless being “far worse that the flood”, really took me out of the story. Like, The Primordial/Gravemind is pretty much invincible/immortal as long as reality exists, so I don’t know how the Endless can beat that. If the Endless were a huge threat to the forerunners alone, that’s fine by me. I actually would like to see that play out.

The more 343 get rid of what they changed, the more popular it gets. Hmm…

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This wouldn’t actually matter, as the Rings would still destroy all other life in the universe or whatever, so they’d still starve.

Maybe the flood evolved to survive to the Halo and became the Endless ? They known about the Halo and they tried to stop them. At the end, the Gravemind had access to Precursor technology, so it’s possible.
In this case, they would became a specie less horific but just as dangerous. Look at the skimmer and Harbinger, they look a bit like precursor and flood.

I see 2 way for the flood to resist to the Halo :

  • They could have turned themselfs in machines, like the prometheans. Maybe it’s just their brain that’s robotic, leaving their biological body. So they would become the ultimate fusion of biology and robotics
  • Or they find a way to manipulate time and they jump to the futur to avoid the fire of the Halos. In a galaxy with nobody to infect, they evolved to became the endless

I think they should leave flood alone in the campaign, I loved Halo Wars 2 and loved the flood DLC but leave the flood alone we’ve had 3 main campaigns with them in

Halo Wars 2 isn’t a FPS game. We didn’t fight floods since Halo 3, it’s been too long !

Ok, by that logic we’ve had 8 campaigns (including ODST and Reach) with the Covenant and/or its species. Therefore we should remove them even more than the Flood.

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The threat of the flood would lose all meaning if they’re back again, maybe you’re right though. Small infestations I’m cool with but no gravemind.

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but there are like 10 proto-graveminds in stasis on zeta halo according to the lore