Endless replace Flood? 😵

I know they mention flood, but Master Chief literally walks through an exact copy of the Library, but no flood. Makes me sad. We don’t even know what endless are! Maybe the endless is the flood because the flood can’t really be destroyed and they’ve been gone for some while so a return could have bad guys shakin in their boots, especially the monitor respondent pyre.


Flood can easily be destroyed, it’s just that they’re unbelievably cancerous (in terms of spreading) and all it takes is one spore to potentially drop a planet. For The Endless, I honestly think it’s some kind of advanced race that either breeds fast like Grunts or were of some noticeably strong counter to Forerunner weapons, hence the monitor fearing them.

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I really hope that the “Endless” is the Primordial/ Precursor which is essentially the origin of the Flood. That’s the only possible thing that could be worse than the Flood, because it is the Flood.

There’s no real reason to replace the Flood in the first place. No other threat is worse, we don’t need Prometheans 2.0, and I certainly hope they aren’t getting replaced in an effort to keep a T rating…

Tell that to the Forerunners lmao. Not even the rings could destroy the Flood, it only starved them out.


Its more something to look forward to, at the end there are a few lose ends than can be picked up and turned into diffrent Campaign dlc. No doubt we are getting a Flood swamp some day and a Banished continuation and the arrival/return of the Endless, hell maybe we ar going to see a precourser who knows.

I was talking more with weapons not specific targets like the rings, those were made to destroy Precursor stuff with the specific counter to what made their structures conventionally unbreakable. It’s still easy enough to kill flood with even primitive human weapons, the problem is the spreading. Don’t need to be a sapient form of life for it to take you over and convert you to biomass, and if you bring advanced tech after they’ve got a smart hivemind or have linked back to the grave mind they can use it against you. It’s why Halo barely won out for the galactic vote solution, destroy all life and only seed back the unadvanced so any surviving Flood can’t cross open space and they all starve out.

I don’t think the Endless are replacing the Flood. I think there’s been way more Flood references in Infinite than 4 or 5. Cortana basically states there are Flood on Zeta Halo.

If anything, even if there’s no precursor connection (which I think there is), what do you think happens if the Flood absorb a species immune to the effects of Halo and with some control over time?

I mean the Harbinger quotes the Gravemind with the “Now I will talk and you shall listen” and the Human she interrogated goes insane. So, Logic Plague powers. That’s a big red flag.

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Is this thread title a spoiler?

If it is (haven’t gotten very far), can you please rename the title to “Halo Story Question (Spoilers)”?

No not really. I tried not to spoil much. The endless were mentioned pretty much at the beginning of the game.

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While I would love to see the flood again (especially with that graphic), I don’t see how they would bring them back right now. There definetly are flood spores on Zeta Halo if the monitor is to believe but there are also 2 factions who have destroyed the flood before: The Master Chief obviously and the banished in Halo Wars 2 even destroying a gravemind or proto gravemind

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It depends on if the Endless have a connection to the Precursors or not.

If they are servants of the Precursors who want to restore their masters. Well, they’re Genestealer cultists from 40k. Crazy people who don’t realise they’re helping monsters.

My big question is how far they’re going to go with the Time Travel stuff.

Hopefully not too far to quick. I’d rather now have a campaign from Atriox’s view so we know exactly what happened the 6 months up to the campaign beginning

Tbf, the rings didn’t work because the Forerunner decided “let’s store samples in facilities on every Halo ring and a few other places, cuz we’re actually not that smart, lul”.

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To play devils advocate for the Forerunners, they did so because they believed the Flood may exist outside the galaxy, and could one day return. They kept samples on several installations in the hopes that whatever species rises to a civilization comparable to themselves would then study the parasite to maybe have a better outcome should the Flood return.

…they just didn’t account for those once advanced races to take completely different, and destructive paths and for their very own monitors laxing on safety protocols XD


No, it was only Iso-Didact, Librarian and a few others that knew the origins of the Flood and that the Precursors/ Flood “may” exist outside the Galaxy…but that was all found out far too late, after these facilities etc had all been set up.

The only one that knew outside of that group (I believe), was the Ur-Didact.

To be honest, the endless seem more like a new advance specie able to manipulate time. They cannot be killed by the rings and the forerunner probably already tried to use the reverse timelock on them (which make them potentially even more dangerous than the flood as stated by cortana). Who knows, we could get a playable brufe stand alone game that revolve around rhe flood

Eh Logic Plague was a terrible part of those books anyway so I’m just gonna pray they don’t try to use that again, and yeah there’s Flood on every ring and most large scale (non shield world) Forerunner installations for study

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In all fairness though there’s never actually time manipulation going on, it’s all either stopping and reversing matter/energy movement or forcibly accelerating it in a field (chamber.) Gets around the annoyingness of ruining series by introducing actual manipulation of time etc

Flood or bust.

(20 characters…)

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The precursors were essentially neutral life forms they made all life and judged weather or not they could hold the mantel of living time. The forerunners were next in line but were then deemed unworthy and humanity was going to take the mantel. Forerunners were then going to be wiped out but found out the plan and exterminated the precursors. The precursors left spores to recreate their species but over time became defective and made the flood instead. The endless were first mentioned in infinite according to halopedia so im amusing its 343 making something up at this point.

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During the story Master Chief is afraid of the endless. But why?

The Harbinger seems to be one of them. They are human like and are not affected by the rings. What makes them so badass? Did I miss something in audio logs?