Ending Question.

Why does Master chief take his armor off. also does that mean he will get new armor in halo 5

He is done his mission, therefore, he no longer needs to be in his armour.

Also, it happened in Halo 2.

After a hard battle a guy’s gotta poop,

> After a hard battle a guy’s gotta poop,


It could be a step for him becoming more man then machine. He is going to finally be able to find his humanity now.

  1. Shower 2) meal 3) find other spartan II’s 4) reunion 5) profit

Like the others said, he’s been geared up for a few years now, and his armor has had it. Also, although the Human-Covenant War ended in Halo 3, the Human-Promethean/Storm War began at the end of Halo 4, so now its time to get that new Mk VII that was recently tested.

I was originally going to post that Spartans prefer to actually keep their armor on “He felt uncomfortable without his armor…exposed” (Fall of Reach), but all the previous posts reminded me that he’s got a lot to do in the years he’s been gone, and you can’t do everything in your suit.

> After a hard battle a guy’s gotta poop,

He has tubes inside his armor for that, and inside HIM I guess…(info courtesy of Glasslands).

> ran and shai
> (info courtesy of Glasslands)

Great book!

His job is done as mentioned previously as well he is taking the time to reflect, as cortana says at the end tell me which one of us is the machine, i think he’s taking his armour off to prove a point in saying he is only human, and it is time he rests.


Well, for starters, he’s been in that suit since the events of Halo 2, not taking them off since before the First Battle of Earth. That means four years of being stuck in MJOLNIR armor nonstop. Even for a Spartan, that’s a lot of time. Also, consider all the punishment that armor has taken. First Battle of Earth, Delta Halo, High Charity, Second Battle of Earth, the Ark, Floodified-High Charity, Alpha Halo II, Requiem, UNSC base around Delta Halo, and the Didact’s ship. That is a LOT of fighting with little to no repairs ever done on the armor. It likely needs a complete overhaul and refit, not to mention will probably be upgraded with components from GEN2 and Mark VII armor.