End of life: Less rotators, more permanence. Recon, CEA, etc

Seeing as MCC isn’t going to be the highlight game, think there’s a chance we could have less rotation and more permanency?

Recon Slayer was brilliant, would love to hop on and play it anytime.
CEA was even more fun than I remember, especially with better performance on PC and new consoles.
Griffball is a staple.

With less people on due to Infinite, it’d be nice to hop in and play these whenever we’d like, not certain weeks.

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Gotta be honest: I Think Infinite obviously is gonna be the main focus for a while, however 343 values the legacy of Halo, where it all began in the OG era. Sure enough the seasons have met their end, however 343 still intend to carry forth with MCC as a platform 100 percent, but we’ll most likely not see the MCC team return till 2022. There’ll surely be rotations and maintenance as an ongoing thing, but new content drops will be some months away now.