End of an Era, Passing the Torch *vid*

Bungie’s swan-song to Halo is over and while there is still a little more to come in the form of map-packs, Halo orientated weekly updates etc, things will start to change as they move on to new pastures and their new IP.

For the fans, some came to play Halo because they loved Bungie, and some came to learn about the Bungie culture by loving Halo.
Some are now ready to follow Bungie’s lead and move on from Halo, while others are happy to wave farewell to Bungie and stay firmly with a universe and gaming series they love.

Halo itself is far from finished after all. Frankie and the folks that formed the foundation of 343i have been working hard to move things forward, and that has included embracing the cream of the crop of the Halo fandoms community and bringing them onto the team itself.

With all we have now, Enjoy Reach and be hopeful, there is much to look forward to.

So this is my own little way of saying thank you Bungie for what you created and have given us over the years.

Thank you to the Halo community, especially those at HBO, without which this little video would have been impossible.

Good luck to 343i and what the Bungie-free future may bring.
Hopefully a full Halo aerospace combat game!

(This is a shortened version of the original. Just the ‘decent bit’ as it were).

Awesome vid! I loved the coordination. Bravo!

Falcons are teh awesomes.

Link to his vid