End Game Brofist Bumping action...

So I’ve been playing for a while. The game feels like Halo but it doesn’t have the soul of Halo. Example I pick up the AR or BR and I sometimes forget that I have to use or should I say I have the option to use the left trigger to zoom. I make the mistake of always pressing the damn right stick lol.

anyway that’s not my complaint. ADS I can take or leave. It’s of set by the fact that it goes away once you get shot at. Im cool with that.

The armor abilities especially the thrust if your going to add it just go straight out and copy others. Give me the ability to double thrust left and right or same direction twice. Give me a tactical advantage instead of only having to sprint.

Sprint I too can take or leave. It’s a natural progression for FPS. If you take it off no biggie to me. I do like the clamber that’s a nice touch. Feels natural for a spartan to do.

Ground Pound that can go away for all I care. It’s kind of useless not because it’s weak but because the charge time is stupid long. Your like a helpless pinata up there all alone lol. Cool idea but badly executed.

Charge ability can also go away for all I care. What’s the point of charging at an enemy if the stun time is almost none existent. I charged a guy and he was still able to kill me even though I charged him and pumped him full of lead. Not sure if it was the network or hit detection as its a beta but please look into that.

Now for my real complaint and reason why the game doesn’t feel like Halo.
That Fist bump High five dudebro moment at the end is terrible. TERRIBLE I tell you. This has to be removed because it completely takes you away from the Halo lore/setting.

At the end of every match I don’t feel like I finished a halo match. I feel like I just finished a round in Call Of Duty. I kid you not. This is where You loose me.

If you ask me this is the point where I actually have to turn away because it doesn’t feel like Halo at all. Please take that out. It’s not even funny win or lose.

I don’t feel like a spartan when the moment shows up. No Honor at all.

Also I think a Classic mode would be awesome. Meaning you take all abilities and sprint away. Just you your gun and the enemy.