Encouraging quality feedback

I know there are things Infinite needs to work on but often I see posts just saying “343 is ripping us off” and whatnot. While certain parts of the game can be frustrating and certainly make it feel that way such posts don’t help solve the issue. If we reasonably explain what we don’t enjoy in the game and provide suggestions about what we would like to see in the future it gives 343 something to work with. By opening genuine discussion we can in turn get higher quality improvements. Also don’t except any major changes instantly. Its Thanksgiving so most people wont be at work. Feel free to comment your suggestions for improving the game so 343 can take note.

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I agree with this. In truth the most frustrating part about this game is its community. 75% of this forum is people being entitled children about cosmetics.

I mean I wont act like am perfect. There are times this game gets me mad and I have to take some time to cool off. Its just about taking some time to explain what upsets us in a calm manner.