empty region list, season 9, nat moderate

edit: SEASON 0 error title is wrong

i can’t even play co-op with my mate, i’m unable to join…

what to do about this?

also i have disabled upnp, powercycled router, enabled upnp
port triggered every xbox live related port on router
nat enabled (fullcone nat also enabled)
tried with dmz on and off
with a few pc restarts.

still my xbox network nat type is moderate… not sure if this is why i can’t the see the regions and season though.
my friends nat is open and he can see the regions and season 5. still we are not able to play co-op.

already lost all my saturday for this…
so annoying.

last weekend 6-7 february i was to play without any change to my home network, isp or pc.
this weekend 13 februay i’m not able to play same as 30-31 january…
i just don’t have time for this. this is a service i have payed money for and i expect it to work or at least someone to answer me without a copypasta.