Empire too many snipers

I have noticed way to many snipers on the map Empire. There is only 2 (which I still think is too many) but about halfway through a game EVERYONE can have a sniper. I have had 3 games that practically turned into team snipers. Maybe make it to where there is only one sniper? and or increase the spawn time for the power weapons? Just something I have ran into more frequently.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue?

God help you if your up against a team who can manage to control both sniper spawns lol.

It does seem like there’s a lot of sniper action. Either one or two guys with a lot of sniper ammo or a bunch of guys with snipers. Average game gets about 3-4 sniper spawns. Either prolong the spawn time, reduce the sniper ammo, or preferably, reduce aim assist/bullet magnetism on sniper shots.

Yeah, two sniper spawns is one too many.
Yeah, a few times you have like 3-4 people running around trying to snipe.

Eh, I’m used to CE where there are like 6 snipes in play at once lol

No, usually I use up all the ammo or if I know I m not going to make it, I’ll drop off the edge with it…!

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> God help you if your up against a team who can manage to control both sniper spawns lol.

Good job on reading the post. No, map control is not the issue. I understand map control. Usually one sniper is enough to fight for, but I have been able to grab the sniper than my teammates will also grab one later before mine is out of ammo. I am usually the one who keeps getting the snipers. But that doesn’t mean I agree with the insane amount of snipers on such a small map. I just think the spawn time needs to be adjusted or one of the snipers needs to be removed or changed to another power weapon.

I have never played a Halo game (other than 4) where an entire team and or game can all earn power weapons at the same time. Especially all the same power weapon.