"Empire" Sneaky

On the Map “Empire” in the Halo 5 beta when starting in either Red or Blue base I typically grab the SMG then jump up to the DMR, my next move however is what sometimes goes wrong; when jumping to the sneaky from DMR or the platform right below sometimes (about 25% of the time) I get caught on the ledges beveled lip around it. For me as someone who’s slightly competitive and wants to see the map design smooth as possible this always disrupts my gameplay; for example if I was in forge and made a map and someone was to play it only to be running along and bump into something too small to notice but big enough that they can’t run over without jumping I would change it for the convenience of the player, this ledge on the sneaky costs the player time and suspends them for long enough to get shot.
I can understand if it were to be intentionally a skill jump but it’s so easy that’s not the case, and clambering doesn’t come into play so I could see it making since to remove the bevel on the ledge to make you either land straight on it or be forced to make a quick clamber. The last time I played a match I got a quick clip of it, so there’s a video below.
and I’m not saying this happens super often, but when I’m focused on speed and in the heat of a battle it tends to happen more frequently

video: GameClips.io -