Empire Slayer layout makes for a boring match

This map was action packed. Now is absolutely dull. No power weapons!? Am I playing some ranged shooter game, is this Medal of Honor, just an assault rifle and semi auto rifle with a alien orange homing pistol? If I’m missing a weapon I apologize but I believe that’s all that’s there now. O can’t forget the silenced AR, superb. The overall nerf of power weapons from maps is one thing, entire removal? A joke. Defeats the purpose of arena style multiplayer. I know there’s a catering to pro players but don’t lose touch with your base.

The addition of the Invisibility makes it definitely substantially different that the old Empire. I don’t mind having rockets gone, but it could have been a sniper or maybe rail-gun and then do away with over-shield all together. At least there is no shotgun to combo with invisibility…

I liked shotgun where it was, but your right, having invis with it is to much. So leave out invis or shotgun. No shotgun at least put in a smg or storm rifle. Railgun or sniper are fine, even the China lake (I didn’t play reach so a single shot breach load Granade launcher in 2500s seems out of place) would be ok. I feel it’s so empty as it is.