Empire of the Onyx Shield Recruitment

Greetings, I am OSSF Honor Guard Second Lieutenant K1LLER MONKEY X of the Empire of the Onyx Shield. I am here to extend a formal request for you to join our empire. We are a competitive/ non-competitive “clan” that also encourages role play for our Machinima series that is in the works. For role play we are inspired by the early and late roman empire but it doesn’t stop there, we have named towns, cities, beaches and even planetary systems. Joining us is very simple and you MUST be:

  • Over the age of 7 (Age of reasoning). - Basic comprehension of the English language (able to speak and understand English). - At least active 5 days a week. - Tell us your location so we can put you with people close to you. - Willing to take on a challenge - Able to forge large mapsJoining us will also add you to our every growing Machinima series as you could be a key character. Message K1LLER MONKEY X

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OSSF Honor Guard Second Lieutenant
No Surrender, No Retreat, No Defeat (OSSF members only)
Order through Victory

Note: before joining, any questions can be answered and an Oath will need to be taken if you are willing to join our cause…

If you’d rather join a company that’s a little further along AND part of a gaming community, try out Heavenly Sword! Apply to Heavenly Sword II, Heavenly Sword III, or Heavenly Sword IV! And check out our website at www.heavenlyswordgaming.com. We’d love to have you!

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May I kindly ask you to get lost and do something better than posting BS in others recruitment forms… this is not funny and you have been reported to admin.

Note: The forge large maps in optional. However it is encouraged as we have only one member making a entire “Planet” in forge. He is simple overwhelmed at times