EMP Shock theory in Infinite Trailer!

When Chief stares and the destructed Halo ring, the pelican gets hit by an EMP ORANGE ELECTRICITY. We all saw what the only thing that can EMP something like that out of random. And that, is a guardian. But the guardians we have seen in Halo 5 were all blue and created Blue electricity. So, what was the color of the Electricity over the Pelican?

In my only clue, the only time we seen a guardian that was different than the rest, was the Guardian in the first Halo 5 teaser. The teaser shows the first and only Guardian that is Yellow and in my only connection to the yellow electricity, is, they are the same. People tell me the teaser was just created to promote Guardians for Halo and wasn’t an official color yet. However, the opportunity is still there. No wonder why it would EMP the pelican, but maybe it was EMPing something else in the vicinity. Chief was confident of turning back to fight? Maybe he knew of the Yellow guardian and was prepared to fight along side it (Stretch but maybe hes jumping onto the Guardian in space out from the Pelican hatch).

That is my theory. If anyone can explain the subject of that Yellow EMP shock back to me, its be nice.

I suspect it’s the Guardian from Halo Wars 2 since I believe it’ll be set around that time period. I believe the yellow lightning is just from the Pelican itself. While the other lightning that we know from H5 will mostly be outside this Pelican. That way Infinite would tie more into the events of HW2.

Basically I think the Guardian will find Anders somewhere close to Delta Halo after scouting for survivors of the Infinity, that will accidentally damage the Pelican on the way back to Delta after capturing Anders.