EMP grenade in MP


Look closely at 9:48 where Neighbour throws a grenade right after u can see there an EMP like explosion. I think its an EMP grenade, could be another weapon tho.

Sorry man but he’s throwing frags. I did see the EMP at the end there but as soon as the EMP went off another explosion did too. The explosion was the frag that neighbor had thrown and the EMP was probably a shot from a plasma pistol.

Not saying that there wont be an EMP nade (I kinda hope there isn’t) but that isn’t it.

That was a frag, look at the grenade icon at the top of the screen. A Plasma Pistol blast just happened to hit in the same area.

Wrong place to put this, anyway.

I think they did confirm somewhere a Promethean “EMP grenade” or something, with the blast radius of a plasma grenade.

No thats not the EMP grenade. In one of the spartan ops videos you can see it go off in the distance. It has the radius of a plasma grenade and sits there for a bit emitting a sort of yellow light (hard to describe but kinda like a bubble shield with a translucent mid)