Emotes and Gestures for Machinima and Multiplayer

Halo is known for its community projects, such as Forge creations and Machinima videos. In the Machinimas, making the spartan feel more alive is a bit difficult. Maybe if there was a new gametype for Machinima or filming new videos, where you could use forge maps or pre-made maps alongside gestures and emotes to make more realistic videos. Also for fun, in Multiplayer, although teabagging is all fun, you could dance or perform an emote. Let me know what you think. (i dont mind what you say.)

For customs? Maybe…

For Multiplayer? NO. Then you would just get a bunch of dues dancing at the spawn, Without actually doing anything.


sniff sniff

Is that… Destiny I smell?

> 2533274836967617;2:
> sniff sniff
> Is that… Destiny I smell?

Just what I was thinking.