Emile's MJOLNIR EVA helmet

I Love this variant of Eva helmet but I wondered Why does he carve a skull in it is there any real use to this addition. Like wouldn’t this actually make things harder to see lol. I’m sorry if I’m taking it to serious I love the helmet but I just wondered if they told Spartans not to carve in there helmet and he was a rebel or if The skull carving isn’t just a Emile thing and a lot of Spartans actually do it ?

Emile was a… complicated person. I’m sure that personal modifications to armor were frowned upon (remember what Halsey said when she saw Jorge), but I doubt it was a rule they heavily enforced. Like, what are you going to do, not send the Spartan into battle?
Now, as to the reason behind the carving, he made that carving as a way to strike fear into his foes as they looked upon him. I’m not sure whether it was to make humans or Covies fear him, but invoking fear was the reason. I don’t think it actually affected his sight; I have a feeling that the helmet records information and broadcasts it to the Spartan, rather than the Spartan just looking through the visor like a window. But, then you also see that some people have different visor profiles when looking through their helmets. It’s unclear. I’m sure, though, that if the carving compromised Emile’s vision in combat, he wouldn’t have done it.

Considering that Chief can see through an impacted visor without issue I dont think Emile had much of an issue.

well, as long as impairing the vision i think he sees as much as medieval knight from his helmet for he left the eyes of the skull unscratched and those are about the same size as a holes in some of the medieval helmets. Though those block some vision you can see forward clearly and the rest is like scratching your visor from motorcycle helmet which leaves kind of blurry vision but you can see movement. Also it depends about the distance of his eyes from the visor. The closer his eyes are from the visor (assuming the eyes of the skull are on the same place as his eyes) the clearer the vision. And as for the reason. Its for psychological warfare and perhaps to add a bit more personal touch.

I’m sure its frowned upon, but Emile isn’t the most obedient Spartan around. Even with his death he was defiant. “I’m ready! How 'bout you?!”